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ZH-Cloud V3.0

November 20, 2021

ZH-Cloud V3.0



Recently, our new 3.0 platform has been launched.

All customers who purchase our data collection equipment can use some basic functions of the platform for free, such as data monitoring and remote control, project management, etc.


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Basic Functions:


1. Account settings: you can modify the account, password, bound mobile phone number, and bound email address

2. Basic information: complete the information of each person, there is no mandatory filling here

3. Add a contact, bind a mobile phone number and WeChat account (the WeChat account that has been bound to the platform's mobile phone number can no longer be bound), after binding, you can receive alarm information

4. Account overview: You can view the SMS, voice, data card and published cloud configuration under the account

5. Icon material library: You can upload image materials

6. Operation log: you can view the setting records of all platform functions, which can be kept for one week

7. Fluorite Cloud: Can connect to the camera and view the video in the cloud, remotely monitor the project site situation

8. Other functions: My order, transaction history, delivery address, invoice management functions are temporarily useless, they are reserved functions


latest company news about ZH-Cloud V3.0  1

latest company news about ZH-Cloud V3.0  2


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