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RTU:Remote Terminal Unit

August 14, 2021

RTU :Remote Terminal Unit



The remote terminal unit (RTU) is a microprocessor-controlled electronic device that interfaces objects in the physical world to a distributed control system or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system by transmitting telemetry data to a master system, and by using messages from the master supervisory system to control connected objects. Other terms that may be used for RTU are remote telemetry unit and remote telecontrol unit.


An RTU monitors the field digital and analog parameters and transmits data to a SCADA Master Station. It runs setup software to connect data input streams to data output streams, define communication protocols, and troubleshoot installation problems in the field.


The data collection terminal has powerful data collection functions and features such as small size, light weight, easy operation, high performance, and high efficiency. It is widely used in logistics and express delivery, retail stores, medical and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, public utilities, anti-counterfeiting and traceability industries. .


Logistics express: As a fast data acquisition device, the intelligent data collection terminal can be used for warehouse management, transportation management and item tracking in the logistics process to improve the sorting, planning, in and out of warehouse, and loading and delivery of express items. Speed, reduce the error rate, reduce manpower, material resources and time costs.


Retail industry: Supermarkets can use intelligent data collection terminals to realize functions such as store management, warehouse distribution, and goods inventory.


Manufacturing: As the core tool of mobile information processing, the data collection terminal carries the collection and real-time check and inquiry of information such as accessories and commodities. It can be used for production piece-rate management and production warehouse management in the factory.



Founded in 2015, Chengdu Zongheng Intelligence Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of Internet of Things communication control terminal products like remote terminal unit and related overall solutions. Takes the IOT intelligent communication terminal as the entry point, combines edge computing and big data cloud platform, and realizes data collection, transmission and intelligent control and other functions in the application of the Internet of Things. At present, the company's products have been widely used in intelligent water conservancy, intelligent agriculture, intelligent audio-visual and other scenes.