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September 20, 2023



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The Vietnam International Communications Exhibition is jointly organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Corporation VNPT (Vietnam's largest telecommunications operator). It is currently the most attractive communications professional exhibition in Vietnam.


The exhibition and summit will be held at the headquarters of various Vietnamese government ministries and operators, allowing government executives, association representatives, local and overseas industry experts to gather to share the latest development trends and latest market demands in Vietnam's communications field.


The main audiences and buyers are government, state-owned enterprise procurement department officials, communication IT technology, computer accessories and electronic product importers, distribution wholesalers and retailers, system integrators, value-added service providers, Internet service providers, satellite operation service providers, radio and television Operation service providers, business leaders and scientific and technological personnel.



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The booth number of Zongheng IOTROUTER Team is M24. At that time, our company will display the latest models of various products: ET series (intelligent edge terminal), EG series (Edge computing gateway), 4G/Ethernet series (DTU/RTU), LoRa series (LoRa gateway/node).


On the first day of the exhibition, the venue was crowded with people. Many visitors entered the Zongheng IOTROUTER to visit and use the products. They greatly appreciated the appearance design, performance and innovation of IOTROUTER products and had a strong willingness to cooperate.

Zongheng IOTROUTER not only introduces technology patents and product advantages used in brand products to customers, but also actively conducts in-depth exchanges and discussions with industry professionals and partners. At the exhibition site, old customers continued to come to negotiate and plan the next step of cooperation, and many new customers came to visit and expressed their willingness to become partners with Zongheng IOTROUTER.



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