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Factors Affecting Wireless Module Communication

December 6, 2021


Factors Affecting Wireless Module Communication



For the wireless module that forms the core equipment of the network, the stability of communication is an issue that many users are more concerned about.

In fact, there are many factors that will have a certain impact on the wireless module communication.

01. Earth circulation interference

Realization of monitoring and control in the industrial production process requires the use of various automated instruments, control systems and actuators. The signal transmission between them includes small signals ranging from faint to millivolt and microampere levels, as well as tens of volts. Even the Daxin of thousands of volts and hundreds of amperes has both low-frequency DC signals and high-frequency pulse signals. After forming the system, it is often found that the signal transmission between the instrument and the equipment interferes with each other, causing the system to be unstable and even misoperation.

In this situation, in addition to the performance reasons of each instrument and device itself, such as anti-electromagnetic interference, another very important factor is that there is a potential difference between the signal reference point between the instrument and the device, which is what we often call the system. Grounding problem! As a result, the formation of a "ground loop" causes distortion in the signal transmission process.

For example, for safety, the case needs to be connected to the ground: in order for the circuit to work normally, the system needs a common reference point; for the shielding cover added to suppress interference, the shielding cover also needs to be grounded. Since there is a potential difference between the reference points between the instrument and the equipment (that is, the common locations of the equipment are different), the problems of "ground circulation" and "ground circulation" are formed. Therefore, to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system, this problem must be solved in the process of system signal processing.


02.Environmental interference

Most of the operating conditions in industrial sites do not meet the operating conditions of precision instruments. For example, the installation locations of wireless terminals are mostly outdoors, dusty workshops, large machinery with mechanical vibration, etc. These working environments have an impact on the operating stability and stability of electronic products. The service life puts forward a severe test.
Therefore, how to adapt precision instruments to work in harsh environments has always been a place where industrial-grade wireless communication products hope to be continuously improved in technology. "Wireless" will no longer be constantly questioned because of its stability, allowing users to experience the characteristics of one-time investment, stable operation, maintenance-free and long-term use.


03. Electromagnetic noise interference


The nature is full of electromagnetic waves from various sources and various frequency bands, which will affect the use of instruments and meters and the information transmission of wireless communication. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of electromagnetic waves and solutions.

Cosmic noise is produced by ionizing radiation and changes throughout the day. The noise originates from the central part of the Milky Way galaxy outside the earth’s atmosphere and the sun’s noise. The sun’s noise changes drastically with solar activity.
Lightning is a major source of natural interference, and the interference generated by lightning can be transmitted thousands of kilometers away.


The time-domain waveform of lightning interference is a large spike superimposed on the background of a series of random pulses.
Electromagnetic noise mainly interferes with communication, and lightning energy spikes can cause damage to many devices. Therefore, wireless terminals need to effectively avoid the possibility of noise interference and damage to the device to avoid user losses as much as possible.


04 Human interference

The fundamental cause of man-made electromagnetic interference is the voltage or current change in the conductor, that is, a large dv/dt can cause the conductor to generate electromagnetic wave radiation.

On the one hand, people can use this feature to achieve specific functions, such as wireless communication, radar or other functions. On the other hand, when electronic devices are working, accompanying electromagnetic radiation is generated due to dv/dt or di/at in the conductor. Regardless of the subjective purpose, it objectively causes pollution to the electromagnetic environment.

Wherever there is a sudden change in voltage and current, electromagnetic interference will definitely exist. Digital pulse circuit is a typical interference source. With the wide application of electronic technology, electromagnetic pollution will become more and more serious.