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Application of ZHC492C in Oil Well Monitoring

April 23, 2021

Application of ZHC492C in Oil Well Monitoring


Industry problems:


The oil field has a vast area and a large number of oil wells are distributed. The continuous and stable operation of oil well mining equipment is the primary condition to ensure oil exploitation. Due to the special environment where oil fields are located, monitoring and control of oil wells has always been an important and difficult task. Among them, oil well patrol, oil well data entry, and wellhead machinery start and stop work require a large number of personnel to complete, which is difficult to manage and high labor costs.


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Application introduction:


With the improvement of the Internet of Things technology and the continuous improvement of modern oilfield management, intelligent oil well control cabinets have emerged, and the early personnel inspection methods have gradually been replaced by unmanned oil wells.

The intelligent oil well control cabinet is composed of PLC, RTU (ZHC492C), electric meter, control switch, power strip, terminal block and control cabinet. RTU (ZHC492C) collects PLC and oil well field equipment, pressure sensor, flow meter, temperature sensor and other sensors or the operating data of the secondary instrument and sends it to the monitoring center in real time. Managers can use the system at any time without leaving home. If the production status of the oil well is observed, if a fault or other condition of the oil well is found, the relevant personnel will be arranged to solve it immediately.