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Wireless monitoring of oil Wells

May 22, 2021

Latest company case about Wireless monitoring of oil Wells

Wireless monitoring of oil Wells




*Oil fields and oil wells are scattered and numerous, all in remote areas.

*Manual search and inspection has a large workload, low efficiency and high personnel cost.

*Equipment parameters and status cannot be summarized in time, which has a great impact on production management.


System Overview:


The wireless network-based oilfield monitoring system allows managers to observe the production status of oil wells at any time through the system without leaving home, so as to carry out a series of reasonable adjustments to the oil wells such as power distribution, maintenance, and parameter changes.

*Front end: Connect the existing oil well control box system and data transmission equipment for communication and docking.

*Communication: The data transmission equipment communicates with the oilfield monitoring center platform through wireless network and Internet.

*Background: The oilfield management platform controls all oilfields on site via the Internet.


System features and advantages


*Unify the management of the original oil fields with long distances through the Internet.

*There is almost no need to manually go to the scene to inspect oilfield equipment one by one.

* Greatly improve the efficiency of oilfield management and resource allocation, reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.


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