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Urban Lawn Intelligent Irrigation System

March 3, 2021

Latest company case about Urban Lawn Intelligent Irrigation System

Urban Lawn Intelligent Irrigation System


Background introduction


With the large-scale construction of large-scale infrastructure, the demand for concrete mixing equipment is increasing, and the technical performance of the equipment directly affects the quality and service life of the project. The concrete mixing plant should do a good job of regular protection and maintenance, timely inspection, timely maintenance, timely repair of defective parts of the equipment, reduce equipment loss, and prevent equipment from failing to perform normal production operations. The troubleshooting and maintenance of traditional equipment failures mostly rely on the service departments set up by the manufacturer in various places, or the employees of the company will provide on-site service. This will not only increase the manufacturer's after-sales service cost, but also greatly affect the production schedule of equipment users.


Intelligence is the ultimate development direction of all mechanical equipment, and concrete mixing plant equipment is no exception. Zongheng Intelligent Control launched a remote maintenance system for concrete mixing equipment based on wireless communication technology. By installing an industrial-grade 4G RTU terminal in the concrete mixing plant, with corresponding software, it can automatically collect the real data of each batch of production materials in real time and pass the wireless network. Send the data to the system center database without delay.


latest company case about Urban Lawn Intelligent Irrigation System  0

System Overview


The online system of concrete mixing plant is composed of 4G RTU, PLC and cloud monitoring center. Local networking through 4G RTU and one or more PLCs on site to build a concrete mixing equipment site network, collect site controller and sensor data, and upload site data to the cloud monitoring center to ensure data reliability, real-time, and security. The staff can perform remote diagnosis, early warning, and maintenance of the mixing equipment in real time when away from the production site. By monitoring a large number of concrete mixing plants, relying on big data models can realize equipment manufacturers, leasers, insurance companies, financial companies, etc. Expansion of new business.


System advantages


Industrial-grade 4G RTU, compatible with 4G/3G/2G

Real-time data online transmission, fast analysis time, high error correction efficiency

Monitor the hardware equipment of the production line, supervise and warn the mixing time, and automatically detect fault information

Computer and mobile phone multi-terminal management, remote data viewing

Trinity management of production control, production management, and environmental dynamics

Automatic early warning, multi-dimensional data analysis, for production processes that do not meet the requirements, such as alarms, real-time notifications, processing feedback records, etc.

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