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Smart Public Lighting Control

July 21, 2021

Latest company case about Smart Public Lighting Control

Smart Public Lighting Control



Lighting is of great significance to a city. It is not only illuminating the streets and illuminating the city, but also an important infrastructure for cities, science and technology, and industrial development.

As the main body of urban lighting, urban road lighting has also grown rapidly with the development of urban construction in my country. Road lighting accounts for nearly 40% of urban electricity costs. Many cities are trying to reduce energy consumption in order to reduce electricity bills.


What is a Smart Public Lighting Control ?


Smart street lights are a new type of public infrastructure for smart city construction. They are also called smart poles, smart light poles, multifunctional street light poles, etc. It is a general term for poles, towers and other facilities that comprehensively carry multiple devices and sensors and have smart capabilities. One big difference between smart street lights and traditional street lights is that they have more functions, which are related to the equipment and sensors they carry. Access to networks and platforms through various communication technologies, and provide and display more abundant smart applications with the empowerment of technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and big data. Such as environmental monitoring, new energy charging piles, led information release systems, etc.


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The smart street light control solution gives street lights wireless networking capabilities and cloud management functions. By remotely monitoring, diagnosing and updating connected street lights, city and infrastructure managers can benefit from the improvement of operational efficiency and service quality, and can also improve energy efficiency and save energy.


Using the LORA node equipment ZHC0561 of the IOTROUTER, the LORA radio frequency technology can realize the remote intelligent control of the street light switch within a limited distance. Combine information and communication technology with traditional urban public infrastructure to achieve precise management of various areas of the city and intensive use of urban resources. According to the forecast in the International Smart City Research, in 2021, the market size of various hardware and services with smart street lights as the entrance will reach 3.7 trillion yuan, which will account for about 20% of the smart city market.


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