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Smart IOT Fishpond Solutions

January 13, 2022

Latest company case about Smart IOT Fishpond Solutions

Smart IOT Fishpond Solutions





Water is the basic condition for fish survival. Good water quality can promote the growth and development of fish, while poor water quality will affect the growth of fish and even cause various diseases. By testing the water quality of fish pond aquaculture water, it can provide a scientific basis for rationally selecting aquaculture types, monitoring the production process, and improving the water quality environment. It is also an important prerequisite for water quality evaluation, prediction and effective development and utilization of water resources. Aquaculture is an important part of my country's fishery, which can not only improve the income of fishermen, but also improve the living standards of urban residents. However, with the continuous increase in the scale of aquaculture and the types of aquatic products, there are more and more problems in the management of fish ponds.


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Current Problems:

1. Fish ponds need 24-hour attention to the situation, and management pressure is high

2.Many fish ponds require multiple feeding points, but manual feeding is laborious, and it is difficult to control the feeding amount.

3.Different types of aquatic products have different water temperature requirements, and the detection and control of water temperature in many fish ponds are cumbersome.

4.Equipment such as aerators are deployed in many fish ponds, and many equipment are difficult to operate and manage

5.Indicators such as nutrient element content and PH value in water cannot be paid attention to and adjusted in time


With the advancement of science and technology, the fishery and aquaculture industry has gradually developed in the direction of large-scale and industrialization. The fish ponds are large in scale, generally composed of multiple aquaculture ponds, and have a vast area. To achieve comprehensive real-time monitoring of water quality, it is necessary to deploy multiple observation stations. Long-term, continuous online monitoring and recording. Under the guidance of the national "Internet +" strategy, Chengdu Zongheng Intelligent Control can use the Internet of Things technology to provide fishermen with intelligent management solutions for fish pond farming.


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Program components:


1. The front-end monitoring device and various sensors are connected to the DTU after aggregation through RS485 to monitor the surrounding environment of the fish pond, personnel activities, and pond water level.

2. IOTRouter full Netcom 4G wireless RTU, industrial-grade design, suitable for harsh installation environments in the wild. It supports 4G/NB-IOT networking. In this project, the public cellular network is used to provide network for field devices. At the same time, after networking, the serial port application will actively connect to the remote center to realize the transparent transmission of serial port data.

3. The remote monitoring platform can realize functions such as water environment monitoring and remote control. The temperature, PH value, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen content and water level in the fish pond can be monitored in real time and become data that can be viewed at any time, providing farmers with real-time and scientific breeding basis for remote operations.


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Program advantages:


1. IOTRouter's full Netcom 4G wireless RTU has low power consumption, has a complete anti-drop mechanism, is easy to install and transfer, adapts to extreme weather, and is stable and reliable.

2. Timing breeding, automatic timing and fixed-point quantitative feeding, real-time detection of water quality and recording of underwater breeding conditions.

3. Alarm monitoring, but when various physical and chemical indicators reach the dangerous value, the system will automatically start the sound and light alarm system, and can notify the manager through text messages, phone calls, etc.

4. Remote control, farmers can remotely query water quality parameters and the working conditions of various equipment through mobile phones and computers, and remotely control the start and stop of aerators, feeders, water pumps and other equipment.


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