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Smart Agriculture Solutions

October 29, 2021

Latest company case about Smart Agriculture Solutions

Smart Agriculture Solutions



The rise and fall of agriculture determines the people's living standards, and also affects the development of the national economy and its position in international competition. However, in China's agricultural development, there are still problems such as serious homogeneity, weak industries, and unsuitable industries, which make it difficult for traditional agricultural production to meet the needs of modern agricultural production.


Smart agriculture is the product of the combination of modern agriculture and information science, and it is an advanced stage of agricultural development.


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Smart agriculture mainly uses computer and network technology, wireless communication technology, and sensor technology, which can be used for remote operation, diagnosis, disaster warning, etc., and then based on the situation, combined with the expert database to conduct consultations, establish visual communication and agricultural service models , To achieve precise monitoring of agriculture, improve the level of facility agriculture construction, expand the knowledge base of agricultural experts, and conduct reasonable analysis, etc., to realize the green, standardized, networked and fully intelligent development of agricultural ecology.



Compared with traditional agriculture, smart agriculture includes the in-depth integration of modern technology and traditional agriculture such as the Internet of Things, agricultural information services, remote sensing technology, e-commerce, agricultural leisure tourism, etc., using the Internet and cloud computing as carriers to achieve precise, intelligent decision-making and remote Control is of great significance to the development of modern agriculture.



ZHC492C can communicate directly with the client server after simply configured. The ZHC492C follows the Modbus RTU/TCP protocol and also supports 485-channel transparent transmission protocols.Most clients use ZHC492C for Smart agriculture projects,We got some feedbacks as following:


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