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Pumping Station IOT Solution

November 24, 2021

Latest company case about Pumping Station IOT Solution

IoT solution for remote monitoring system of pumping station


Background introduction


With the further development of the national economy and science and technology, the strengthening of the information construction of water conservancy facilities and more efficient control of water management has become an urgent problem to be solved. From engineering water conservancy to digital water conservancy, from traditional water conservancy to modern water conservancy.


It has become an urgent task to further exert the benefits of water conservancy projects and improve the digitization and reliability of water conservancy facilities.At present, the management of domestic pumping stations mostly uses traditional manual methods for on-site inspection and start-up and stop.


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This not only increases the expenditure of manpower, material and financial resources, but also fails to grasp the latest information on the spot in time and accurately, and it fails to achieve good control effects.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the pumping station, scientific and accurate drainage scheduling, and improve management quality and efficiency, it is imperative to establish an unattended remote monitoring and management system for the pumping station.



System Overview


The remote monitoring system for pumping stations is an automated network monitoring and management system that integrates Internet of Things technology, sensor technology, automation control technology, wireless communication technology, and network technology.

The remote monitoring and management system of the pumping station mainly includes RTU measurement and control terminals, various sensors/instruments and other equipment, power distribution control cabinets and other installation accessories.


The system is based on the RTU measurement and control terminal to realize point-to-multipoint communication through 4G/2G wireless network. The pump houses of each well at the water source are substations, and the main control center controls each substation.


The RTU measurement and control terminal controls the water pump starting cabinet switch to remotely start and stop the water pump through the output of the control relay, judges the running status of the water pump through the input of the switch signal, and collects the data of various sensors/instruments and other equipment and uploads it to the main control center. So as to finally realize the remote centralized monitoring and control of each pumping station.


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System functions


1. Remotely monitor the water level or inbound pressure, outbound flow, and outbound pressure of the pumping station.

2. Remotely monitor the working status, current, voltage, protection status, and working mode of the pump set.

3. Remotely switch the control mode of the water pump, and remotely control the start and stop of the pump set.

4. Supports storage of various monitoring information, control information, alarm information, operation information and historical record query.

Generate various data reports and data curves.



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System advantages


1. Using wireless transmission mode, no need to arrange transmission cables, low construction cost, easy expansion and management.

2. Fully automatic 24-hour non-stop monitoring to ensure real-time monitoring, timely warning, and unattended. 03

3. Extremely strong anti-interference ability to ensure the stability of equipment and system, data integrity, and data reliability, suitable for high-power motor environment.

4. Industrial wireless transmission equipment is dust-proof, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant, ensuring that the equipment is permanently online, safe and reliable, and is suitable for industrial control industries such as water conservancy and mining areas.


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