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Power Meter Reading System

August 13, 2021

Latest company case about Power Meter Reading System

Power Meter Reading System


Use intelligent electricity, water, gas meters and other equipment to perform real-time statistics on the electricity, water, and gas consumption data of different users in different areas of the park, realize remote meter reading of electricity, water, and gas meter data, and integrate related data Transfer to the background system for corresponding records to support the subsequent cost calculation work.



Solution Advantages:


1. Simple installation, low cost and short construction period.

2. Improve management efficiency and save labor costs.

3. Wired and wireless multiple transmission methods, flexible application.



ZHC-GW8000 is a concentrator based on the LoRa private protocol, which realizes the communication between the concentrator and the LoRa node ad hoc network, the concentrator and the server through the ZHC private protocol.

Which is suitable for power meter reading system, the lora nodes support 410-525mhz, and can send data to lora gateway for remote monitoring and management.


latest company case about Power Meter Reading System  0


Through the use of intelligent electricity meters, water meters, gas meters and other equipment, it fundamentally solves the current low automation of water, electricity, and gas management, many intermediate links, heavy meter reading workload, inaccurate data, low real-time performance, and payment. Not in time and other issues, improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of meter reading management, reduce labor costs and management costs.

At the same time, it can be integrated with the property management system, energy management system, etc., to support the calculation and collection of water and electricity costs, as well as the optimized management of the park's energy use.


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