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Mountain Torrent Early Warning Remote Monitoring System

March 4, 2021

Latest company case about Mountain Torrent Early Warning Remote Monitoring System

Mountain torrent early warning remote monitoring system

Background description

In recent years, the global climate has been unpredictable, with heavy rains spreading across a wide range and highly concentrated in flood seasons. Flash flood disasters caused by heavy rainfall occur most frequently and cause great harm.
In order to strengthen the prevention of mountain torrent disasters, ensure the safety of people’s lives and property and the economic and social development of hilly areas, Chengdu Zongheng Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a mountain torrent river monitoring and early warning system, which can collect rainfall and water level information in real time and release it in time. Forecast and warning, inform local people to take preventive measures before the arrival of disasters, reduce casualties, and reduce people's property losses.


latest company case about Mountain Torrent Early Warning Remote Monitoring System  0


System functions

Real-time monitoring of rainfall and water level, grasp the real-time dynamics of water and rain conditions
When rainfall and water level exceed the flood limit warning value, automatic alarm
Comprehensive analysis of weather, geology, environment and other factors
Release early warning information through telephone, short message, wireless warning broadcast and other channels
Scalable remote camera or video real-time monitoring function

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