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LoRa Remote Meter Reading System

December 17, 2021

Latest company case about LoRa Remote Meter Reading System

LoRa Remote Meter Reading System


Background Information:

With the continuous development of the social economy and the continuous improvement of the living standards of the majority of residents, the number of independent water and electricity meters has increased rapidly, and the content of meter reading has become increasingly complex. The traditional manual meter reading method can no longer meet the needs of today's society.

The traditional manual meter reading method has shortcomings such as long cycle, error-prone, cumbersome work, etc., and requires a lot of manpower and material resources. In addition to causing serious waste of resources, there are many shortcomings in real-time, accuracy and applicability. 

Today, when the Internet of Things technology is widely used, through the combination of wireless communication technology, sensor measurement technology and modern information technology, the remote automatic meter reading method replaces the traditional manual meter reading method, which not only saves a lot of manpower and material resources, but also improves The accuracy of meter reading can also avoid many inconveniences and potential safety hazards caused to users by entering the room for meter reading.

Realize the intelligent integration and unification of data, provide a basis for the management, statistics, and analysis of energy usage by relevant departments, and provide data support for the further realization of energy saving and consumption reduction, and make management more scientific and efficient.



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System Overview:

LoRa is a wireless transmission technology based on long-distance spread spectrum. It has the advantages of wide coverage, low communication cost, easy construction and deployment, etc. It can easily realize point-to-multipoint communication and is very suitable for remote meter reading solutions.

Therefore, Zongheng Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. has launched a set of remote meter reading system based on LoRa. The system is composed of LoRa concentrator, LoRa node, various meters and back-end data center. It is mainly divided into data collection, remote information transmission, back-end software processing and analysis.



The meter is connected to the LoRa node through RS485. The LoRa node transmits the collected data to the LoRa concentrator through spread spectrum wireless communication, and the LoRa concentrator transmits the data to the background data center through the 4G network for the administrator to query and analyze.

The remote meter reading system solves the problem of scattered distribution and difficult management. It is suitable for electricity meter reading, tap water meter reading, natural gas meter reading, transmission pipeline meter reading, etc. It can be widely used in schools, residences, hotels, enterprises, factories and other places.



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System functions:

Automatic collection, real-time transmission

The remote meter reading system can extract terminal point data at a custom time interval, which is timely and accurate.

Operation monitoring, fault warning

The remote meter reading system can detect abnormal problems at the terminal point in time, and automatically push maintenance warnings and abnormal alarms.

Data visualization, intelligent analysis

The remote meter reading system can process the data graphically, the data trend is intuitive, and the energy can be reasonably controlled and distributed.

Pay management, energy-saving valve control

The remote meter reading system can realize the pre-paid payment mode, automatically control the stop and solve the problem of difficult charging.

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