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Gas Monitoring and Alarm System

December 1, 2021

Latest company case about Gas Monitoring and Alarm System

Gas Monitoring and Alarm System



Harmful gases refer to gases and vapors that are harmful to humans and the ecological environment. With the rapid progress of industrial development, more and more harmful gases are discharged into the air, and many harmful gases will have an impact on human life. People are also aware of this and start to detect various harmful gases. In order to facilitate flexible networking based on the actual situation on the spot, and for large-scale implementation, the Internet of Things is required to sense and collect the concentration of harmful gases in the network distribution area.


In recent years, fire casualties caused by the leakage of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas have occurred from time to time. Some catering establishments along the street, especially small catering establishments, generally use bottled liquefied petroleum gas, which has become one of the more serious safety hazards. To this end, the country is also actively promoting the installation of combustible gas alarm devices to monitor the gas usage in the catering industry in real time.


latest company case about Gas Monitoring and Alarm System  0


For example, canteens and restaurants belong to workplaces where combustible gas leaks and release sources, and must be equipped with combustible gas alarms. In accordance with the relevant regulations on the use of natural gas, gas leak alarms should be installed in canteens and restaurants.


When the flammable gas leaks in the kitchen using natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, the gas alarm detects that the flammable gas concentration reaches the alarm value set by the alarm, and sends an alarm signal to remind the personnel to evacuate. Remote Terminal Unit like ZHC492C will also report the collected gas data to the cloud platform to issue control instructions to control the gas leakage emergency shut-off valve. At the same time, through the cloud platform system in the form of text messages, phone calls to the shopkeepers, fire protection and other departments, forming an interlocking early warning system.

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