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Analog Quantity Collector ZHC492C in Pipeline Monitoring

May 13, 2021

Latest company case about Analog Quantity Collector ZHC492C in Pipeline Monitoring

Application of analog quantity collector ZHC492C in pipeline monitoring




With the rapid development of the world today, my country's energy structure has also undergone corresponding reforms. A series of equipment such as water, electricity, gas and so on in the home are popularized, but this also brings many pipeline inspection problems. The traditional treatment method is often when someone informs the relevant department after the pipeline has a problem, the maintenance personnel of the relevant department will know that when the problem has become larger, the user will not be aware of it. This will also lead to a series of problems.


Difficulties in the pipeline monitoring industry:


Pipeline transportation has the advantages of low cost, large transportation volume, less land occupation, less loss, fast and convenient, etc. However, there will be some safety problems that follow, such as pipeline leakage. If the transmitted gas or liquid leaks, it will Cause damage to the local soil and air. For this reason, pipeline supervision is urgent.



Application introduction:


The realization principle is to use the AI ​​(analog input) of the analog quantity collector ZHC492C to connect the sensor placed in the pipeline, and detect the sensor signal through the ZHC492C. After reaching the set value, ZHC492C outputs a switch value to control the alarm device.

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