Traffic Light Supervision

March 5, 2021

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Traffic Light Supervision


Industry Problems:

Traffic warning signs and traffic lights often placed in the wild, if the lights are out of order, or the lights do not turn on, etc., if they are not monitored, it will affect the local traffic, and severely lead to traffic accidents. In addition, the text of the traffic warning sign will change color according to different weather, and the prompt text of the warning sign will be changed. If you manually enter the site and use the notebook input, a lot of manpower and energy will be wasted. For this reason, remote monitoring of traffic warning signs and traffic lights is inevitable.


Application introduction:

The traffic light monitoring system mainly supervises whether the status of the traffic light is operating normally, and at the same time, it can remotely modify the color of the warning sign and the warning text. Real-time monitoring of the running status of street lights, and remote modification of text is more convenient, without the need for management personnel to modify on-site.

Principle: The text display circuit board is connected to the text display circuit board with RS485 through the Remote control modem ZHC4921 or ZHC1921 to realize remote transparent transmission. The warning sign text can be modified by sending instructions from the server. In addition, connect the lights through DI to monitor whether the issued instructions are executed normally and whether the street lights are normal.


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